Personal coaching programmes that can be delivered 1-2-1 or  in group format. For people who want to breakthrough the challenges that are currently limiting their progress in life or business and get to the next level.


Executive coaching programmes delivered 1-2-1 or in group format. Enhances the adaptability and agility of executives, managers, business owners and anyone in a position of leadership who aspires to excel.


Invigorate your business – get a tailor-made programme that addresses your current needs and challenges. Motivate, inspire and grow your business and your people. Get the best out of what you already have. 


A programme designed to get you from “Stress” to “Success”. Learn specific tools and techniques to create a resilient positive attitude to overcome the challenges of your personal or professional life in a much more enjoyable way!


Enhance your wellbeing with tailor made strategies. A combination of coaching and light bodywork. Create the physical, mental and emotional energy to live your best life!


An uplifting and confidence building programme for children, teenagers and young adults. Equips them with the know-how to embrace change throughout their academic journey and to have the confidence, resolve and positive attitude to succeed!


Tomas O’Connor is a Personal & Executive Coach. He is the creator of the Be Your Brilliant Self range of coaching programmes. He can help you to overcome your current personal and professional challenges so you can create those brilliant outcomes you've always wanted to make.

Tomas has a uniquely humorous and gentle approach to holding a special space. Our 1-2-1 sessions together produced challenging conversations that were literally life changing for me!

Sharon, Business Manager, HSE.

After working with Tomas I am now feeling more energetic, happier, balanced, and enjoying improved health. He helps you to get to the root of stuff rather than just papering over the cracks. His main concern for you is to get you to a better place. It’s so much easier when you have that support from him to help you learn about yourself and gain skills that you either forget you had or never knew how to use before. I always leave excited about the next step.

Siobhan, Teacher, Cork

Tomas’s ability to get to the actual root of your problem is phenomenal. His willingness to listen and guide you goes above and beyond. He has made a huge difference to my mindset and has helped me make some big breakthroughs. I certainly have found my inner spark again. I am now applying this to my business and my relationships with family and friends. He has made an enormous difference.

Sandra, Businesswoman, Dublin

I needed a boost with my confidence and self-assurance. There was no quick fix but I never doubted the direction I was being taken – “Up!”. Tomas pushed me to remove doubt from my thinking & decision making. I now focus on the positive things that make me happy. He is extremely personable, genuine and always honest! The BodyTalk sessions are my favourite – I come away feeling like a weight has been lifted!

Joanne, HR, Cork

Tomás O’Connor has a challenging, honest and direct style which has greatly developed me personally and enhanced my business. I now have far more clarity on setting and realizing my goals. My business has improved structures, processes and systems that ensure success. I’m more focused, confident, motivated and calmer than ever before. I leave each session with Tomas fuelled with a clearer vision. He definitely gives you the extra edge!

John O'Keefe, Founder & CEO, GYMIX, Ireland
  • Honesty

    At the heart of all my coaching and how I deliver for you!

  • Courage

    A coach that will challenge and encourage you to be brilliant!

  • Fun

    Making change & problem solving so much more enjoyable!


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